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The ideal way to discover the underwater world without the need to realize a full course
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  • Duration: 3-4h.
  • Age: 10+ years
  • Price: 95€
  • Includes: Diving equipment, free boat transfer, certified diving instructor, snacks and drinks

If you always wanted to try diving, but do not want to commit to the full course, the Test Dive promotion is exactly right for you. SKUALO will introduce you safely and with a lot of joy into the underwater world of divers.

The course includes a short theoretic introduction, becoming acquainted with the equipment, a few exercises to fully enjoy the following scuba dive. You are always accompanied by one of our experienced diving instructors, who are always by your side.

We will take you to a sheltered bay, in which you will perform your first dive and experience a thrilling world that will change your perception. Take your first breath under water and enjoy the submarine life safely and relaxed.

We are by your side, to make sure you will enjoy every minute of this experience and make the most of it.

During the trial, you will be in shallow waters and learn your first skills to master diving. We explain your equipment, how to use it and tell you the most important things you will need to successfully perform and enjoy your first dive into the submarine world.

This way you learn the basics of diving from our professional PADI instructors. The most important skill you will learn is breathing under water.


• How to use the provided equipment, how you will feel with it under water and how you can easily move with it.

• How to breath comfortably and easily under water

• A few basic exercises and rules you will need to follow under water. Those will accompany you all the way to your first diving certificate.

Diving is very a relaxing, enjoyable and extremely calming activity – Experience a completely different and magical new world under water.

A once in a life time experience!

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